GTU producer and Makeup Artist, Savvy Jardine showed her version of the TikTok Fresh Face Makeup Trend. She shared her favorite products to create a fresh face that is wearable for hot, summer days!

  1. Use a mineral base foundation! It is wearable, lightweight, sweatproof, better for your skin and won’t break you out!
  2. Glowtion or Glow Drops to catch the sunlight and highlight your favorite features.
  3. Bronzer!! Choose the right color for your complexion apply in the areas the sun would naturally hit. You can also use self tanner to create a longer lasting bronzed look. Plus, Rhenick shared a way you can get natural looking freckles using powder bronzer, water and a spoolie.
  4. Finish with a gloss!

Instagram: savvy_jardine