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Start the new year off right and join a gym that will change your life. Owner, Diana Bateman, and head coach, Jazmin Martinez, of F45 in Jordan Landing joined us in the studio for today’s Fitness Friday segment.

F45 is personal training in a team environment. “F” stands for “functional” and 45 is the length of the workouts (45-minutes). This concept can be overwhelming, but at F45 all the movements and workouts are scaled to meet the athlete where they are in their personal fitness journey.

Owner, Diana Bateman, explained that there are no mirrors at their location. This helps facilitate an inclusive gym environment where all athletes feel they are welcome and can work hard together. There are two trainers on the floor in each class who take extra care to attend to each athlete. Progressions and regressions are made for the individual and they are invested in each stage of the process with you.

Head coach, Jazmin, explained what it would look like if you decided to try F45 for the first time. The coach would start by talking about your goals and your fears and what might be holding you back. The goal is to find out what the individual’s needs are and then from there take it at a pace that is going to be most beneficial to the athlete. At F45, trainers assess movement quality, lean muscle mass gains, body fat loss and provide nutritional assistance.

F45 is focused on functional fitness which is built on real-life movements. Whether that is squatting to pick up a box, kids, groceries or simply reaching to a top shelf in a cupboard. Martinez demonstrated this type of movement doing a lunge, clean and overhead press with a kettlebell.

They are offering a great deal for our GTU viewers. Mention “GTU ABC4” and get 50% off your first month at the F45 Jordan Landing location. They are located at 3812 W 7800 S, Suite 190 West Jordan, UT 84088.

Contact: 801-513-3903
Instagram and Facebook: F45 Training Jordan Landing

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