For GTU’s 19th birthday we had former hosts, Angie Larson and Marti Skold join us to celebrate! Larson is one of the original hosts who started 19 years ago and Skold began soon after. They reminisced on the good times and how much has changed over the years.

There were major throwback photos and the hosts were all discussing how their styles have evolved over time. They were joking about how every news anchor had a bob hairstyle at some point. Many stories were shared from the past, including how many fans showed up to their cookbook signing when the show first started. Larson mentioned that she even met one of her best friends at a scrapbook expo she had an appearance at.

Angie and the hold remembered back to when she opened up to viewers about her divorce. She received so much support and has since met someone special. They were married just a few weeks ago and recently returned from their honeymoon. Her oldest son graduated high school and she was emotional thinking about all that has happened over the last year.

The ladies also got to visit with former host, Marti via zoom. She shared that her husband, Saint Mark, is still such a great husband and their children are married and thriving. She is now living in North Carolina and enjoys working out and eating healthy. She recently started a new job doing charitable and humanitarian work and is loving life.

While a lot has changed, a few things that have remained the same are the friends and relationships formed between the hosts, crew, and viewers. Skold and Larson mentioned how fun it’s been and love that they had friendships on and off the screen.

Be sure to stay tuned for many more years to come, Skold even said that she’d love to come back in person for GTU’s 20th birthday next year!