SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Former GTU host Ali Monsen joined us today to give us a life update and talk about what she has been up to recently. She brought her 4 month old baby Bear, and shared the story of his birth.

Ali has another child named Banks, who is currently 2 years old. When Banks found out she was becoming an older sister, the transition was difficult. She knew she was having a younger brother, but at first she wanted nothing to do with her new sibling. Now, she is the best big sister and showers bear with love.

Since the birth of her second child, Ali said that she has slowed down and started enjoying the little moments in life. Right after Bear was born, Ali developed a rare form or preeclampsia, which is when your blood pressure spikes. Her blood pressure put her at risk of having strokes and organ failure, putting her life at risk. 

During this time in her life, Ali was in survival mode, and was really struggling with taking care of her young children while trying to take care of herself. Her husband and parents helped her throughout the whole process, and this experience changed her life. Now, Ali doesn’t take anything for granted, and this life-threatening experience shifted her whole perspective. While she is at risk of developing this condition again, Ali still hopes to bring more children into this world, and is considering using other methods like a surrogate to have more children.

You can see what is going on with Ali now on Instagram at @alimonsen!