Forget the salt, use sugar beets instead and how to bump up your metabolism

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  • On GTU Hour 2 this morning – Rock salt is prized for its use as a de-icer, but the mineral’s monopoly on curing roads of icy patches may be coming to an end as sugar beet products gradually make their way into transportation department budgets across North America. While salt is enthusiastically caked over streets and sidewalks when winter weather turns bad, most of us understand somewhere in the back of our minds that throwing salt around willy-nilly is probably a bad idea.
  • Plus, I have three sons and one daughter. My little girl is only 5, so she still bundles up completely. She’ll have on gloves, a hat, and an insulated coat while her brothers will be in shorts and an extremely lightweight uniform performance sweatshirt, nary a coat in sight. I can still get my youngest to throw on a pair of pants when it’s cold, but my 11- and 13-year-olds? Not a chance. Sure, they’ll placate me by taking a coat, but it gets tossed in a backpack or left in the car, never to see the light of day. Yes, there are girls wearing shorts year-round too, but this seems to be more common among males. No coats and shorts, no matter how cold it is. As a mother, this is maddening. To hear more tune in or click here:
  • And when it comes to losing weight, we often hear the same things—eat well, exercise, get enough sleep. But there can be a lot of external factors that may make it harder, if not impossible, to maintain or lose weight. The functioning of your metabolism can play a big role in whether or not you’re able to see results. Your metabolism refers to the process by which your body turns food and drink you digest into energy. If your metabolism isn’t working how it should, it may reduce your body’s ability to burn calories—this can make weight loss particularly hard because being in a calorie deficit is necessary for this to occur. Lots of things can impact your metabolism, from stress to genetics, and even your age. This is why, as you get older, it’s important to lead a lifestyle that supports a healthy metabolism. To hear what you need to do for your health after 40 tune in or click here:
  • At the end of the show – there are things you are possibly saying that are apparently very 2021. Nicea has the phrases you need to avoid if you want to look intelligent and current in the new year! Hope you tune in with us on a busy Monday on GTU Hour 2.

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