Foods that help fight Alzheimer’s Disease and why you shouldn’t retire early

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Some fast food news to tell you about, McDonald’s had temporarily closed indoor dining at nearly all U.S. locations in early 2020, but it reopened 70% by last month. Some U.S. fast-food restaurants are closing indoor seating areas or limiting hours of operation because of the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19, according to franchisees.
  • Plus, new information out this morning about fighting Alzheimer’s Disease. Many people don’t think about integrating folate or folic acid into their diet until they’re trying to get pregnant, which is an unfortunate oversight. In fact, a new scientific study just further affirmed the fact that folate is an important nutrient and key to maintaining optimal health at all phases of life. Here’s what you should know about the importance of eating folate-rich foods daily. What is folate, and what is the difference between folate vs. folic acid?
  • And if you were planning an early retirement you may want to think again. According to new research, delaying retirement can actually slow the rate of cognitive decline among older populations. The study established a link between the kind of career one has (how stimulating) and their risk for developing cognitive decline later in life. Now, researchers in the SSM – Population Health journal have found that the longer you stay, the better chance you have of fending off dementia.
  • Finally, good news about safety changes from auto makers. This year, 17 children have already died after being left in hot cars. Since 1990, more than a thousand children have lost their lives. But a new technology on the market is aiming to prevent these tragedies. The potentially life-saving innovation is an alarm in the 2022 Genesis GV70 that, according to the manufacturer, sounds as quickly as 10 seconds. Hidden inside the roof above the back seat is a radar that Genesis says can detect a child even if the only movement is a soft breath. Dr. Emily Thomas, an automotive safety engineer with Consumer Reports, showed ABC News how the child detection system works with her own 4-year-old son, Micah. We have the details. Hope you join us for these Hot Topics and more on a Wednesday edition of GTU Hour 2.

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