SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Indian classical dance tells the story of a rich history and culture. Kaladharaa Dance is a local Indian dance school, and we talked to Sonali Loomba, Kaladharaa’s artistic director, about their upcoming recital and watched a performance from some of her dancers.

There are eight classical dance styles in India. Kaladharaa features one of these called “Kathak”, an ancient form of storytelling from northern India. Utah has a thriving and growing Indian population. Kaladharaa started with only a small handful of two or three students, and they have grown to 30 to 40 learning Kathak. This ancient art form has given the chance for dancers and teachers the to reconnect with their cultures. One of the dancers at Kaladharaa, Saee, says that Kathak keeps her connected to Indian culture as an immigrant.

Kaladharaa has an annual event called Baithak, where their dancers showcase their talents and hard work. This year, they have titled the showcase “Yatra”, which means “journey” in Hindi. Follow along in their performances to see the evolution of Kathak from its ancient roots to its modern era. To follow along on this journey and learn more about the history surrounding it, see Yatra live on April 23 at 4 PM at the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center. Find tickets at and find Kaladharra on their website, Instagram, and Facebook.