Five tips to help your child process tragedies

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Dr. Julie Hanks has dedicated over 20 years to helping women, couples and families. As a licensed therapist, author, relationship expert, blogger and speaker, she empowers and helps people any way she can. She’s discussing how to speak about tragedies with children and help children understand them. Here are the five tips she offered:

1) Limit exposure to media
If you wouldn’t let your child see it in a movie, don’t let them see it on media.

2) Use simple language to explain the event
Be honest and use age-appropriate language to explain the facts.

3) Offer comfort and reassure safety
If your child is upset, offer physical affection and reassure them that these incidents are very rare.

4) Encourage the child to share emotion
Ask your child to share how they are feeling through words, drawings, or other creative means.

5) Take positive action
Do something. Write letters, donate money, send cards, volunteer for a good cause.

If you or your family member are experiencing intense emotions, mental health symptoms, or relationship difficulties, contact Dr. Hanks’ clinic Wasatch Family Therapy or the offices in Cottonwood Heights and Bountiful.

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