Five problems and solutions on how we teach modesty

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Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks came by to share five problems and solutions on how we teach modesty.

Five problems with how we teach modesty:
1.Focuses only on what girls wear
2.Suggests that girls are responsible for my boy’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior
3.Further objectifies women’s bodies
4.Encourages judgment of women’s appearance and righteousness
5.Shames females for having a womanly body

Five solutions to teach healthy modesty:
1.Teach a holistic definition of modesty as humility in thoughts, words, behavior, and appearance
2.Teach that modesty applies to all genders
3.Teach boys that they are responsible for their thoughts, feelings, and behavior
4.Notice when you’re judging other’s clothing and reflect inward
5.See women as more than appearance, as multidimensional human beings

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