Working a desk job from 9-5 can be hard to fit in your workout. Fortunately, Fitness Blogger Tayler Crowther Boyer has the answer. These four steps are ways to maintain optimum help without having to jeopardize your work schedule.

  1. Wake Up Earlier:

If you are productive between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 a.m., you are going to be productive throughout the day. Even without exercising during that time, you can improve your day simply by being up during that time.

  1. Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time:

Sweet and salty treats always seem to make their way to the office. Boyer says having your own snacks will help you feel better throughout the day and opt for a healthier and more nourishing choice. She also recommends meal prepping with your leftovers from dinner and using them for lunch.

  1. Getting Active During Your Workday:

Boyer feels this is crucial for everyone and something we can all make room for. “A lot of us are sitting at a desk our entire workday. I have made it a goal for myself, and one thing I love doing is standing up every single hour.” said Boyer. She said you can even just go to the restroom or get a glass of water. It assists with our midday crash and is a better option than reaching for our next caffeine fix.

  1. Dedicate a Specific Time for an Hour of Body Movement:

Boyer said we don’t need to do one consecutive hour and that an accumulation of an hour does just the trick. Any time of day works great but it’s important to keep your body moving. She also suggests staying hydrated throughout the day. 

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