SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) One of the hardest things about getting your workout in is the time. Thankfully, Casie Allan, creator of The ER Fitness Method has the perfect solution for a quick five-minute workout for anyone to do virtually anywhere.

Allan created the method so women could focus on their fitness goals and be stronger on their own terms. These can be done from the comfort of your own home, while traveling, at work and are ideal for anyone, especially busy moms on the go. They can change your mind & body and make you healthier and happier than ever! Exercise should not be a punishment, but rather a way to celebrate what your body can do.

Another benefit to the ER method is that it is sustainable and a great way to mix resistance, cardio and weights, to help you feel your best. “Your body is going to feel good,” said Allan. “You’re going to see such a difference in the way that you [function] through [different] things that you do in your day.” Her program is available on Apple App store as well as Google Play. She offers 14 free days to new members upon joining.