Utah’s first lady, Abby Cox, is launching a new service campaign. She joined us in the studio to share all the details. 

The goal of the #ShowUpForService and “1-2-3 Challenge” is to encourage Utahns to turn outward and participate in service within their own spheres in 2022. People of every age have dealt with the negative impacts of the pandemic. This is a great way to connect with others and come together as a community to do good. 

The campaign will be primarily social media-based and will focus on a different population each month. The goal is to focus on 3 things: 

  1. See: Recognize others who #ShowUp for service
  2. Serve: Find two ways you can #ShowUp for service
  3. Invite: Challenge three people to #ShowUp for service

The first lady hopes Utahns will commit to 1,000,000 acts of service this year. Commit to lifting one another out of our country’s empathy crisis as we engage in selfless, intentional, outward service. This could be shoveling a neighbor’s driveway, a note of encouragement, going to the store for somebody, or just a simple smile. 

ShowUpUtah.org is where people can find more info about the project. Also follow along on social media @showuputah for a daily reminder to #ShowUp for service.