Everybody’s talking about the new way to work out! All Fit Bungee is open and ready for you to come give it a try. As the first bungee studio in Utah

Bungee fitness is a unique fitness opportunity that was brought to the US from Thailand. It utilizes assistance and resistance training. It a great option for people of all fitness levels, body shapes, and sizes. The bungee takes the strain off of the knees and joints, so clients can increase their reps, cardio, and core work in ways they have never done before.

Members become addicted to the feeling of buoyancy and being able to fly. To ensure safety, trainers weigh participants at the start of the class. This is how they determine how they will assemble the bungee. Then they assess the range of motion and mobility of the person. They hope to show that bungee is an overall fitness program that can work for anybody. Owners Janna and Troy, are big on technique and make sure to start beginners small and then work up. Bungee can be modified for individuals’ needs and interests.

All Fit Bungee is located at 916 W 1800 N Clinton, UT. Visit their website allfitbungee.com to book a class.