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Let’s be safe this Independence Day! Matthew McFarland from Unified Fire Authority shared some tips to help us enjoy fireworks safely this holiday.

First of all, Matthew recommends enjoying professional shows. They will most likely be cooler, bigger, and even safer than if you were to do your own at home.

Everyone won’t be spectators though. If you choose to use fireworks on your own, make sure they are legal. All fireworks sold in professional parking-lot booths in the state are legal. If you purchase fireworks outside the state of Utah they may not be legal. It is best not to chance it.

We all know that fireworks can tip over and malfunction. Matthew suggests putting your fireworks in between bricks to keep them stable. He also recommends wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes. Most injuries that happen during this holiday season are eye injuries. Keep your eyes covered!

When it comes to sparklers they can be satisfying, but also extremely dangerous. Children under 10 years of age need supervision, and it is safe to say that toddlers should not hold them at all.

The last tip Matthew gave us was to always have a bucket of water nearby. Drop all of your fireworks and sparklers in the water. Don’t just throw them in the garbage can. It is also smart to keep them in water for at least 12 hours or until the next day.

Even though it has been a wet spring and start to summer, things can still easily catch on fire. It is starting to dry out and added wind can be extremely hazardous. Have fun this Fourth of July, but be smart and stay safe!

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