Michael Vanderplas, Registered Nurse and international best selling author talks about his new book “Stay Strong” which discusses overcoming suicidal thoughts and how we can find out personal deepest reasons for living. A Utah native, Vaderplas, who has battled depression, knows that Utah is one of the five states with the highest suicide rate per capita. 

In his battle with depression, he discusses how he unknowingly came close to committing suicide. While a Utah winter seems like it would be the highest time for suicide, Late spring and early summer are actually the months with the highest suicide rates. Factors include changes in temperature, humidity, and even people being more physically active. People also tend to have goals for the spring and summer and if these goals are not achieved, this can bring suicidal thoughts. 

“This is a critical time to kind of pay attention to people and see some of the actions they’re putting forth to see if you can help have an influence in their life in some way.” Vanderplas said. Vanderplas also studied psychology for a year and a half and fell in love with it. In his experiences working with teens he learned of theories to get over negative thoughts and later realized this is a message that needs to be shared with all. His new book is available on Amazon. 

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