Alison Delgado, author, joined us today to talk about finding inner strength.

Delgado’s book, “My Race for Life, finding strength after tragedy,” speaks about an accident Delgado went through over 10 years ago.

She began medical school at the University of Cincinnati back in 2005. After graduating, she started pediatric residency. Well into her residency, she was hit by a car while taking a bike ride. She had brain bleeding and was not expected to even survive the night.

She was in a coma for 5 days and was later sent to an inpatient rehab facility. The accident had caused an aneurysm in her brain, and it ruptured, sending her back to square one.

Now, Delgado is a board certified pediatrician based out of Park City. She wrote the book to inspire other who have been struck by tragedy. 

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