Finding fitness balance and fundamentals for the family

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It’s important to stay fit and healthy, but many people turn their fitness style into an obsession. HIGH Fitness founder and co-owner Emily Nelson talks to us today about the important balance between fitness and self-love. Furthermore, she focuses on who watches us and our mindsets towards fitness — our children.

Teaching children to live a healthy lifestyle is important for them to keep and develop those habits throughout their life. According to Emily, the angle parents need to take is on body positivity, and not on weight. Too often we are hard on ourselves and frown when we step off the scale, but our little ones might be looking. We don’t want them to grow up doing the same.

Emily emphasizes building a child’s confidence and teaching them how to love themselves. She talks about teaching them to not make their weight, their identity, and to view food as fuel to nourish bodies — not as “good” or “bad.” She says that it is up to us to change the negative stigma’s towards food and our bodies, and it starts with raising our children the right way.

For more positive fitness inspiration, follow Emily @highfitnessemily on Instagram.

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