Jonny Tanner, the Spirit Painter joined GTU hour one to share how his art connects to yourself by finding meaning through color. Tanner paints a spiritual portrait, an essence painting that expresses your spirit via shape and color. 

Each color or form has its own significance. After presenting your painting, he delivers an explanation. Spirit Painting allows you to see your life and yourself in a new, more positive light. 

Before the painting process begins, Tanner asks the customer deep questions. This is a chance for customers to have their voices heard. The answers do not determine the hue of the painting. Tanner draws the portraits intuitively. 

Tanner then leads guided meditations before revealing the painting to customers. Tanner’s ambition is to help people, allowing everyone to recognize their own unique identity.

Make sure to check out Tanners’ website below, if interested in booking a spiritual painting session. Tanner is also holding a retreat next month, located near the Salt Flats. Registrations open soon! 

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Instagram: @spirit.painter