The world seems to be at a divide recently. Whether it’s politics, religion, human rights laws, education, or family issues, people are having a hard time getting along with one another. While it can be difficult, it is not impossible to find similarities with those around us. We spoke with motivational speaker, Ganel Lyn Condie, about finding common ground in a divided world. 

With the influence of social media and opposing opinions being so easily accessible, people are always ready for a fight. As a society, we avoid these confrontations and are uncomfortable having difficult conversations. Condie’s first tip is to acknowledge the tension that exists. By doing this you are opening up the idea that you can feel differently about a topic but still care about one another. Something that Condie thinks is important is to understand that having differing opinions is ok. When you go into a conversation open to what the opposing side has to say, it can minimize the tension that can be present in those situations. Her next tip is to not enter a conversation with the intent to change someone’s mind. When we enter a conversation with this goal, we become defensive. 

One of the most challenging things can be when someone you are close to has an opinion on something that you don’t agree with. It can be difficult to move past this issue and sometimes it may even start to affect your relationships. Condies best advice for moving past these differences and maintaining these relationships is to say the phrase “tell me more.” This gives each other the space to be heard and understood and be comfortable living in a space of diversity. At times these issues will continue to arise but setting boundaries can go a long way. For example, agreeing not to discuss the subject when you are both in a vulnerable and anxious place. Knowing what relationships you need to be vulnerable in and what relationships these conversations won’t serve you is a good awareness to have. 

While having opposing opinions can be difficult, it is important to value these experiences to understand the diversity that exists in our world. The next time you are in a situation where you are faced with these tense situations, give these tips and tricks a try. 

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