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“Everybody has a story, everyone comes from something. Everyone has had traumas, hardships, failures”, says life and empowerment coach Rob Sirstins. By identifying what your personal story is, Rob can help you turn that story into your superpower.

Rob’s own story is nothing short of incredible. An abandoned baby, he grew up with anger, dealt with bullying and racism, and rejected who he was for years. Having put in the hard, and messy work to make his way to authentic self-love and vulnerability, he is an open book to his clients. When Rob sits down with a client, he begins to discover with them what it is that individual truly desires, followed by finding the roadblocks keeping them from getting to their goals.

Subconscious programming is so often in the way, and Rob will guide you in identifying and breaking down those barriers. Having the help of someone on the outside will give you new perspective, and keep you accountable. “Give yourself permission, and then step into a little bit more each day”, Rob says. “It’s the most rewarding, powerful thing you can do.”

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