Nicolette Holferty, Founder and CEO of XOXO Hats For Strength came by to discuss the nonprofit XOXO Hats For Strength. They knit and crochet XOXO Hats for people with cancer and then deliver them by motorcycle and supercar up to Huntsman Cancer Hospital. She will also be talking about their latest recipient, Edward, and bringing awareness to how common people with down syndrome can have leukemia.

XOXO Hats For Strength is a 501c3 nonprofit. They knit and crochet XOXO Hats for people with cancer and then deliver them by motorcycle and supercar up to Huntsman Cancer Hospital.

Seeing supercars and motorcycles parked around the Circle Of Hope still gets to Nicolette, even after 14 rides.  

Last year they had to cancel the event due to the pandemic. It was going to be for 2 little ones with Down Syndrome and battling Leukemia. Nicolette was excited because her brother Austin also has down syndrome and she works with cancer patients. It connects 2 things that are very important to her. 

She knows now why it wasn’t meant to be…. back in December, she was introduced to a 47-year-old man with down syndrome, Reese. He looms a lot of beanies. They don’t know what to do with them all, but luckily Nicolette does! He is the reason why they had to wait until now. He is supplying the majority of the beanies, they are delivering May 15th. 

Meet their precious little recipient, Edward. I have attached his bio as well. (Frontpage has ride details and back page attached his Edwards bio) This little guy has been through more than most adults ever will. He fought MDA/AML Leukemia at the age of 1, he beat it in 6 months. Just 9 months after Edward was diagnosed with a completely unrelated Pre B Cell ALL leukemia. It is so rare he is 1 of 5 in the past 25 yrs to have this happen. The therapy this time around is so brutal.  

One thing Nicolette talked about is how surprised people are to find out that it is common for little ones with down syndrome to have leukemia. 

She would also love to tell viewers about the event on May 15th. They are meeting at Luxe Automotive at 11 AM to have The Worlds Best Corndogs and Chick Fil A, popcorn and cotton candy, silent auction, Mascot Miracles and meet the family. Spectators can also join them!

At 1 PM the rally will begin. Supercars and Motorcycles rallying together is the best sight ever. Edward and their family will be going on the route with them to experience all the magic. Spectators can go straight to Huntsman to watch them all roll in.

They have connected with Primary Children’s Hospital. They are going to let the children know about the rally, they are going to stand on the bridge that goes over Mario Capecchi Dr. The mascots are going to go straight there to entertain them as they rally by. 

They arrive at Huntsman around 1:45 PM depending on traffic. 

They have so many more things they will be doing that day to make it magical for Edward. They are excited and can’t wait for May 15th. 

Find XOXO Hats for Strength online, IG, and FB.