Shantel Reitz joined the show today to talk about the power of emotions and how to decode them. Emotions and internal dialogue can create physical effects on our bodies, signaling to us that this internal dialogue is flawed and needs to be changed. Reitz takes a fly on the wall approach. Look at the issue, not from the issue. Think about why the feeling of anxiety or other negative emotions are present without judgment and assess why. There are two key questions to ask in these scenarios: 

First, what stories are we playing in our heads? By focusing on what our internal dialogue is saying to us and how it impacts our lives we can begin to understand why we feel one way or another. 

Second, what meaning have we assigned to these emotions? Looking at how these emotions come up and what meaning they have we can identify whether these feelings and thoughts are true or something we can let go of. 

Nearly every fear comes down to the insecurity of how others feel about us. By identifying this and acknowledging the validity of emotions and learning when to let go, self esteem can grow and day by day our overall experience of life will improve.

Reitz is hosting a Women’s Retreat in Belize in February from the 5-10 in 2023. Visit her website for more information.