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From an idea to a masterpiece, find an event planner who can make your vision a reality. Cynthia Thorsen, Owner of Customized by Cynthia, came by to show us how to it all comes together. 

Why does someone need a wedding planner? 

A good wedding planner will help you find the right location, best vendors (photographers, caterers, DJs, etc.). They will help you establish a budget and help you spend that budgeted money in the best way. A good wedding planner will have staff on-site to handle all issues that arise and handle them appropriately. A good wedding planner will handle all logistics. A good wedding planner will allow you to enjoy the event. 

What is the biggest wedding planning problem that you have to help your clients? 

Parents want and need to establish wedding budgets, but very often, parents sit their bride or groom ( or both ) down and tell them that they have $x amount of money for their wedding, and then they say something like, “we don’t care what you do with it, you can have a big wedding or just take the cash.” This is very confusing because it only takes a short time for the couple to start asking, “Where are we going to live? What are we going to drive?” and all of a sudden, then don’t need a wedding, just cash. 

Describe your happiest clients?

Cynthia’s most satisfied clients are those that allow her to do what she does best. When they can trust her to create an event or wedding for them and their guests, it is her job to deliver, and her happiest clients walk into an event rested, overwhelmed at the decor, the little touches, and they can socialize with their guests. Examples: I recently had a request for a “Restoration Hardware” look and feel for a wedding ceremony and reception. 

What are you doing next? 

Cynthia’s father has planted over 2,000 flowers in his flower garden this year. They plan to have floral arranging classes later this summer in his garden and teach people how to create their arrangement with fresh flowers. 

They offer:
-wedding and event planning 
-backdrops, bar, and other rentals

There are many suitable venues, florists, photographers, and caterers in Utah that they work with. They work with you and other vendors to create memorable moments. Still, their goal is to provide an experience for you and your guests that matches your personality, interests, and they work hard to provide something special that is surprising and provides that “WOW” factor. 

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