When the COVID-19 Pandemic started, millions were looking for a new hobby or activity to start. Mother and daughter Whitney Dodge and RaVoe Orton teamed up and decided to take it to the next level by founding The Proper Mountain Woman Club. With all of the at-home activities, Dodge and Orton wanted to celebrate the accomplishments and new domestic achievements women were completing. Founded by the mother and daughter duo in the summer of 2020, The Proper Mountain Woman’s Club has had members from all over the country and even several international members in the two years it’s been established. Members live in nearly every state and also in Canada, Germany and Turkey. Women of all ages and stages of life are welcomed and encouraged to join. The club suggests ideas and ventures that people have not considered and never thought they would do and gives the opportunity to have women support other women.

“We have gathered all those fun ideas, put them in a workbook, divided into categories [and] you choose,” Orton said. Merit badges are organized into twelve categories which include nature, service, knowledge, kitchen, social, spiritual, beauty, and even mischief. “The mischief category is the [most fun] category. It’s just to have more fun in your life,” said Dodge. When members complete a task or activity in a category, they earn a merit badge which is available digitally to ensure any member around the world can have one. The more merit badges one earns, the higher their rank is. Dodge and Orton both said they have reached a higher level and say members earn a patch after several merit patches. Many women enjoy performing these activities in a group as it can strengthen relationships much like Dodge and Ortons has. It also provides a great community and opportunities to meet other women. Dodge also said that children of women in the club have commented on how much more fun their moms have been. Members feel a sense of accomplishment by receiving their badges.

To purchase a membership with the club and pay summer club dues to go to www.propermountainwomanclub.com Summer session begins on June 21 and a workbook will be received in the mail explaining what can be done. 

Instagram: @propermountainwomanclub

Website: propermountainwoman.com

Podcast:  My Life, My Badges