SALT LAKE CITY (GOOD THINGS UTAH) – Season two of a big time tv show, being filmed in Utah, just premiered on Easter Sunday, called “The Chosen” from VidAngel. 

It’s all about the life of Jesus, and just surpassed 100 million views.
On Monday, Good Things Utah went on set in Goshen, Utah to talk with the actors, and spoke to the show’s director and executive producer.

Watch the video above to see our footage behind the scenes with the cast and crew. 

“This show is designed to take you deeper into the stories, deeper into the people of the gospel, in a way that hasn’t been done before so that, by definition, you can get deeper into an understanding of Jesus, said Dallas Jenkins, Director. 

“Now in 180 countries and translated in over 70 languages all over the world.” 

“How do you make it feel so real?” asked Brian Carlson. 

“You really need to develop personalities for these characters. There has to be a way that you can relate to them. And what I’ve found is when you make someone human, and you humanize the scriptures, it brings it a lot more reality into the scenarios,” said Derral Eves, Executive Producer. 
“How hard it is to play Mary?” Carlson asked. 

“I think the biggest pressure is she’s this historical character who’s loved by so many, so much mystery surrounding her. It’s hard to get it right and honor her for who she was, there’s a responsibility to doing it right.” said Elizabeth Tabish, who portrays Mary Magdalene. 
“It’s a labor of love, and I think we’re doing our best to really bring the story to life,” said Noah James, who portrays Andrew.
“In the 4th episode we have the miracle of the fish, that could be something you just read, and oh a lot of fish showed up, but you see prior to that the struggle and hardship and needing this money and being out on the street if you don’t have this happen… so finally when this happens you can have this great moment with the character.” 

“What’s it like filming in the Pandemic?” asked Carlson. 
“It’s like getting people on set, we actually had actors that were stranded in different locations around the world. And we had to reach out to political officials to even get them to make it,” said Eves. 

“What’s it like filming in Utah?” Carlson asked. 
“That was the highlight for sure. Got opportunity through a series of miracles/connections to have (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) in Utah use their set in Goshen, probably the most incredible set I’ve ever seen, said Jenkins. 
“We got an opportunity to film the first half of the season there. And the people. Utah is Chosen country. I felt my first taste of celebrity. I was getting stopped in restaurants by people on the streets who love The Chosen, people from BYU, because we were staying in Provo, it was extraordinary the hospitality. I was staying in a house while I was there. Somehow the word spread, and I was getting meals and desserts dropped off at the front door showing their appreciation for the show.” 
“One of the blessings that Dallas & I get to see every day is these comments from people whose lives were changed because of what we’re producing,” said Eves. 

“To see where it is now, and where it’s trending is so unusual. It feels like there’s something really special about it,” said Tabish. 

“How we can lift up others around you, that to me is one of the messages of the show, no matter what may be the individual faith you may have, this idea of when we come together, we are better,” said James. 

To learn where to watch The Chosen, click on the link to their website.

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