In honor of Asian and Pacific Island Heritage Month, writer and director Manu & Hinano Tekurio, and lead actress Diamond Langi talk about their new film, Sosefina. Filmed in New Zealand, Sosefina is a first of its kind with an all Pacific Islander cast.  Hinano, director of the film, felt this was an amazing opportunity for her as there has been virtually no films with Pacific Islander representation, something very important. In addition to an all Polyneian cast, Sosefina also has an all Polynesian crew.  “For me, it means so much [to represent the Polynesian community] because I feel we’re very talented in different spaces. And to tell stories as Manu and Hinano touched base on, on real events, is truly important. And to highlight our Pacific community, to work together, come as one and support one another” said Langi, former 2019 Miss Universe New Zealand, who stars as the titular character.  Manu says it was an awesome experience writing this film and seeing the audience’s reaction during the premier.

Based on a true story, Sosefina tells the story of a young Polynesian woman and her journey getting into adult entertainment and the choices and events that follow. The film has had ample support here in Utah as the Beehive state has the third highest Pacific Islander population per state, third only to Alaska and Hawaii, making Utah the state with the highest Pacific Islander population in the mainland US. Including American Samoa, which is Pacific Islander majority, Utah is home to the fourth largest Pacific Islander American  Roughly two percent of Utahans are of Pacific Islander descent. The world premier took place on Thursday, May 12 at Larry H. Miller Megaplex at Valley Fair Mall in West Valley City. A second premier will occur on Saturday, May 14  in St. George for Southern Utahans to see.

The film will also be available to watch on For more information on Sosefina and Manuscript Films, please follow @Sosefinamovie on Instagram.