SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — St Patrick’s Day is a one of the fun crafty spring holidays. It is full of pranks, leprechaun traps, and more. We have this super crafty family come in today to share some printable crafts to brighten up your March 17th. Today we were joined by Curt and Caroline Jensen to talk about pinch proof crafts, banner, and drink sleeves. These crafts will add green to your life, and it is a great family activity to do this season.  

Cut, paste, and celebrate started a couple years ago right before covid. They provide the perfect at home family activity that will keep you busy for hours. Plus, it can brighten up your home with fun décor pieces made by your family.  

Pinch proof craft – This pinch proof craft is a ribbon to add to your outfit on this St Patrick’s day to avoid getting pinches and instead getting kisses. You can download the template from their website. 

St Patrick’s Day banner – dress up your breakfast nook, mantle, or cubicle with this printable banner. It is super easy you just print, cut, and celebrate. You can also print it small and add it to your leprechaun trap.  

Shamrock soda drink labels – Make drinks for festive and fun with these drink labels. They come in all sizes to make your celebrations, kid’s lunches, and better.

For more crafty templates for your next family activity use their website and Pinterest for the patterns and the inspiration.