SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Life is tough and sometimes taking a look on the bright side can do a lot of help. Rylee Nelson and Jennessa Glover are the hosts of the Good as New Podcast where they celebrate all the good parts of life, no matter how big or small.

Jennessa married Cj Glover nine years ago, which is when she and Rylee met. Last August, Jennessa was on Rylee’s bachelorette trip in Bear Lake when she received the call that would change her life. Cj passed away in a racing accident, leaving behind her and their two kids.

Throughout her grieving process, she found herself listening to podcasts to try to take her mind off what she was going through. One day when Jennessa and Rylee were at lunch the idea popped into their heads. Why don’t they make a podcast of their own?

The duo saw this opportunity as a chance to work through their hardships and maybe help others along the way. Their goal was to create an experience where their listeners walked away feeling good as new. No matter what life throws your way, sometimes it’s helpful to take a second and appreciate the good things going on around you. It’s important to be thankful for all the little things and soak up every moment because you never know when your world can be turned upside down.  

Good as New creates a platform to encourage people from all walks of life to treat themselves with grace. Sometimes it takes all your strength just to get out of bed for the day. If that’s the case, celebrate the fact that you were even able to get up! That small feat is an accomplishment in and of itself. Join Rylee and Jennessa every Tuesday on topics that will leave you feeling good as new! New merch for the podcast is launching March 7 and if you use code “goodthingsutah” at launch you can get 10% off. Listen on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube.

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