In honor of Nicea day, fello GTU hosts dawned their Nicea inspired “B”s to commemorate Nicea’s faves All Show Long. GTU Fashion Consultant, Preston Tait, said this signature Nicea look works for her since she’s tall and statuesque, much like her girl-crush Hailey Bieber who also rocks her “T&B’s”. While Bieber is indisputably a fashion icon, she is in her 20s and some of her styles may be intimidating for those of us in our quadragenarian decade and beyond. Tait shares his recommendations on how to look classy and sexy after 40. 

Oversized pants: 

“I know that everyone’s scared of these but I think you know, tall, super skinny, shorter, and curvier, I think everyone can wear these. I think the key is to make sure they’re a little bit higher waisted so they’re not too far down. It’s gonna help pull your profile in no matter how tall, or short, or curu, skinny that you are.” said Tait. Tait suggests a festive sleeveless sweater or white button-up blouse to polish the look. 

Oversized Layers: 

A denim cropped jacket is a trend that’s big now, but also something flattering for all body types. Tait also suggests wearing a form fitting top underneath an oversized sweater or jacket. 

Cropped T-shirts:

Tait shared a lavender cropped T-shirt with a matching pencil skirt. Bieber is known for her belly baring tops, and this outfit has that sans the belly baring.  This is a great age appropriate way to wear a Bieber inspired look. 


A white or neutral blazer with a pink knit top for a splash of color  is a great way to obtain a very casual business stye. Blazers aren’t just for the office, you can wear this with a night out. Blazers can be worn with oversized pants or even denim shorts for a festive look.

Short suits:

Tait brought a suit set that was a blazer with matching shorts which is perfect for the upcoming summer. Tait recommends a bodysuit tucked into the suit, especially since the suit is oversized. 

The perfect outfit for brunch!


Big sunglasses and slides give a casual twist to our formalwear. 

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