This week FanX is kicking off its FanX 12 Days of Giving! FanX has partnered with Rogue Toys to create a scavenger hunt designed to encourage people to shop locally, and support local small businesses while giving back to the community. We had Dan Farr in studio to tell us all about it.

Here’s how it works: Every day participants will check the FanX Instagram and Facebook stories for a list of participating businesses in order to find a list of clues. Each clue will have a series of clues based on a specific fandom or pop culture tie in! The fun part, not all the clues or facts will be true, and participants will be tasked with identifying the “Truth of the day”!

As participants identify the truth of the day, they’ll be put into a raffle for a virtual scavenger hunt prize provided from Rogue Toys. Each day will have a new winner. Additionally, to encourage shopping at local businesses, for participants that visit the business of the day in person, they’ll be entered into a separate raffle, and will be eligible to win a separate, in person prize!

At the end of the 12 days, there will be a virtual grand prize. FanX’s mission with this program is to get people to visit and shop local for the upcoming holidays. By coming together and helping each other out, we expand our reach by 12x. Together we can show Utahns all the amazing shopping and entertainment opportunities that are available right in their backyard. IG @fanxsaltlake Facebook: FanX