Isaac Dushku joined us today to transport us to a magical land for his segment – one that’s still our
studio in Salt Lake City, but that looks a little more fantastical than usual.

Just 24 years old, Dushku began making his fantasy maps in March 2020, turning different states and
countries into maps that evoke similarities to those found in Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. His first map
was of Utah, and after posting it to Facebook for feedback he got an offer to buy it. After that, Dushku
made over 1 million in sales alone in his first year by selling his maps on Facebook Marketplace.

After various requests for certain states and countries, Dushku has since created a map for all 50 states
and various countries. Most recently, he created a map of Ukraine and all sales made from it has gone to
UNICEF to help Ukranian refugees. He also sells a map of Africa where the proceeds go to charity.

Look no further for a creative gift for Father’s Day or graduation than Dushku’s maps. You can find him
on Instagram at @lord_ofmaps or on his website at