With nine locations in the valley, the closing of Eat a Burger left a hole in the hearts of burger lovers. Eat a Burger is here to make a comeback. Scott Deyhile and his daughter Jaiden joined us on the show today to talk about their famous food truck.

Deyhile’s father and him ran some of the locations together during the original nine eateries. Jaiden, 4 years old at the time, would attend on the hip of her mother. Now, she is the face of the food truck taking orders, making fry sauce and tending to customers.

With the classic fresh cut fries that came out in 1986, the secret spices that make an original recipe and mouth-watering burgers, Eat a Burger is here to stay.

Deyhile talked about how the food truck has come full circle in his family. Deyhile spoke of his experience getting involved with the business because of his father. Tragically, his father passed in November of 2021. Eat a Burger honors him by keeping his license plate. Now, Deyhile passes on his passion to his daughter, the same as his father passed on the passion to him.

After a year of working on the food truck, Eat a Burger is back and has a place in the hearts of its customers.