Hiking with the family might spark some stress, but Miriam Gersdorf from Explore Hike Teach LLC has tips for getting your kids excited about getting outside and exploring Utah’s beautiful sights.

  1. Schedule time to investigate and explore.
  2. Plan a hike where the journey is just as fun as the destination.
  3. Let them investigate be detectives
  4. Be prepared

She also shared 5 family-friendly hikes your kids will love.

Hike 1 – Upper Farmington Canyon (Car Graveyard Hike) has a cave, water crossings, car wrecks, rope climb, and a waterfall
Hike 2 – Corona Arch-Ladders arch
Hike 3 – Ruth Lake for swimming, paddle, and fishing in the lake
Hike 4 – Cohab Canyon has hoodoos and slots

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