Family-friendly activities to do for the 4th of July

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Adriana Hanzon from Fun, Love, and Family came by to share family-friendly patriotic games to play this upcoming 4th of July.

Go on a flag hunt:
Instead of hiding Easter eggs, hide tiny American flags for the kids to find! In the end, you can exchange a flag for a piece of candy.

Toss water balloons:
Split players into teams of two. Put them in two rows facing each other. Each player tosses a balloon to his/her partner, and after each successful catch (catching it without popping!), each player takes a big step back. The winning team is the one with the intact balloon.

Spoon and egg race:
Each player gets a big spoon and a boiled egg. The egg is placed on the spoon and each player holds the handle of the spoon with his/her mouth. If someone drops the egg, they must go back to the start line and start all over. The first to get to the finish line without dropping the egg wins!

4th of July Trivia:
Who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance? What colors does the flag have? Have a list of trivia questions for kids and one for adults (you can also do multiple-choice, or put people in groups to make it easier). Whoever gets an answer right gets a candy!

Cookies to decorate with kids:
Bake or buy sugar cookies and decorate them with white, red, or blue frosting, patriotic sprinkles, red, white, and blue candy, and make your masterpiece!

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