Professional model and influencer, Danielle Davis, came to the GTU set to share the best tips on getting your family’s best pictures this season. Davis and her husband and three young children are experts in family photos and they are photographed several times a month. It might seem intimidating at first but fortunately, Davis has the best advice for all families.

With three young children, Davis understands the challenges that one might face while getting photographed with the little ones who never seem to sit still. “Kids don’t really understand why you’re taking a photo and why they have to be good for it,” said Davis. Davis feels it is best to explain to the kids and be patient with them. “[Make sure] that you remember as the parent that at least one of your kids is probably not going to be feeling up for it that day and that’s ok.” Davis also likes to create incentives for the kids such as a toy or gift. This helps kids have a great experience and possibly look forward to the next one.

Posing kids can be extremely exhausting. Davis says to perhaps have the parents pose and show kids things in the background and that can make a great picture and have the kiddos looking adorable. Davis says mom should plan her outfit first and go eclectic for everyone else rather than matching. Layers and varying textures add warmth, but be sure to stick to a similar tone.

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