Alberta, Canada – (Good Things Utah) – Jana Webb zoomed into the studio with us today in helping us understand the value and positive impacts of Joga. Webb, who is a Movement Architect and Wellness educator, has taken what she has learned about yoga as well as her athletic spirit and combined them to create what she calls Joga. Webb is now the founder and CEO of her company Joga World and their Joga System.

What is Joga? As Webb explained it, it is a unique blend of movements and breathing techniques. This technique has been changing what it means for optimal athletic performance. Within Joga there are three pillars: movement, breathing, and meditation. The movement pillar focuses on adapting yoga poses to mimic activity in sports. An example of this would be the tree pose in yoga is like a basketball player standing on one leg to make a shot. The breathing pillar focuses on breathing deep within your diaphragm and taking calculated relaxing breaths. The meditation pillar focuses on removing areas that intensify stress such as caffeine, stimulants, and products with high sugar contents. Webb has found that green tea is one such replacement for sugary energy drinks or cup upon cup of coffee. Green tea contains a naturally occurring amino acid that increases alpha, the calm focus brain waves, and results in a clear calm focus. It’s the perfect compliment to breath and meditation.

Focus begins with Breathing and Mental focus, remove things that create stress in your body to help center yourself. The features of Joga make it available to professional athletes and everyday people alike. While the Three Pillars of Joga are important in attaining optimal performance, other aspects like Hydration, Sleep, and Nutrition are essential in creating an environment in which you can thrive.