Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – A yummy drink can make all our worries disappear. Curiosity is a zero-proof bottle shop and bar, providing a space to explore connections beyond the consumption of alcohol. Raegan Plewe, Co-Owner, joined us in the studio to give us a taste of one of the shop’s delicious drinks.

Plewe helped open Curiosity to provide an alternative way to socialize that didn’t involve alcohol. Although not opposed to alcohol, Plewe believes the community would benefit from having non-alcoholic options available. Customers can enjoy a space to connect and get inspired through craft beverages and food.

Curiosity has been open for just over a year. While they are incredibly grateful for the support they have received, they are going through a difficult time right now and need some help to keep their doors open. Help keep Curiosity alive so they can continue to show up for the community. Donate to this one-of-a-kind shop by clicking here.

Watch the video above to see our hosts taste a delicious, made-with-love drink. Follow Curiosity on Instagram at @curiosityslc to see the charming atmosphere they provide for customers, and be sure to visit for an inside look at their incredible menu.