SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Nate Webb, spokesperson for Save The Kids, joined us on the show to help parents and kids know what to do when experiencing bullying, especially online.

According to Webb, “Our kids are bombarded with inappropriate things every day. From nudes to cyberbullying, the struggle doesn’t end.” Unfortunately, the statistics back this up, with an alarming number of kids sending nudes and being exposed to pornography at a young age. Webb knows firsthand the devastating effects of this issue, having experienced his own struggles with pornography at the age of 12. He explains, “I was so scared to talk about it because of the shame around the topic.”

So what can kids do when they see something inappropriate or are being bullied online? And what can parents do to ensure their children feel comfortable coming to them with big problems? Webb discussed the difficult topic in the video above.

Additionally, Save The Kids is currently offering bookings for assemblies and parent nights in various areas. To learn more, visit or check out their Instagram accounts @savethekidsinc and @bulliesbe.gone.