Experiencing extreme FOMO? Health experts say you aren’t alone

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  • On Good Things Utah today – The Fear of Missing Out is a real thing according to psychologists and they say, during this pandemic it’s been worse than ever. Many of us are comparing our lives and feeling like we are falling short. We’ll tell you what health experts recommend to help.
  • Plus, confrontations over masks are growing across the state and country – we have tips to de-escalate those disagreements. And how do you get your kids to put on a mask while headed back to school? Brian has ideas for parents.
  • And finally, the TikTok videos that everyone can’t stop watching! You have to see what this incredible skater can do on the ice. We have the videos in today’s Hot Topics.
Nicea DeGering
Nicea loves morning television in Utah! A self-proclaimed “night person,“ she has been getting up and hopping onto the Good Things Utah set for over a decade now.

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