Everything going wrong lately? You can probably blame Mercury and the cutest dolphin video we’ve seen all day

Good Things Utah
  • On the second hour of GTU this morning – Have you had a rough few weeks? Congratulations to everyone reading this: You survived one of the most chaotic Mercury Retrogrades on record! The past few weeks have been wild—Mercury has been shuffling backwards through Gemini and bringing around exes, old connections (good and bad), and past projects. You’ve probably also dealt with scheduling disasters, transportation issues, and any/all sorts of miscommunications imaginable. Reagan tells us why the phenomenon causes so much havoc.
  • Plus, if you’re someone who’s constantly wondering how to stop being jealous in a relationship or jealous of others-or how to avoid catching feelings of envy in the first place, psychology experts share actionable tips for keeping jealousy at bay (and learning how to appreciate both what you have and what others have). Surae shares tips to keep the green monster at bay.
  • And new research says your next work call should not be on Zoom. This meeting philosophy is up against a growing body of newer research that finds video meetings are actually less effective than voice-only calls for group discussions. Nicea tells us why it might be time to get back on your good old phone instead.
  • Finally, the sweet treat that is making the rounds on TikTok, it’s called Whipped Lemonade and think these hot temperatures are the perfect excuse to try it!
  • At the end of the show, lets get happy with three viral videos that will have you smiling the rest of the day. Starting with a dolphin that just couldn’t stop showing off for one very excited diver. Hope you join us for a fun Tuesday on GTU Hour 2.

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