Flowers are perfect for any occasion! They make the perfect gift for dates, congratulations, condolences, birthdays, a new baby, and many others. They also help spruce up your home or event for just about every season. The downside is that beauty does not last forever. Or does it? Amber Taylor, owner of Wood Flower Barn has the perfect solution to keep your floral arrangements for good.

Having worked in a floral shop for much of her youth, Taylor saw how easily flowers died and also saw how much waste occurred in these shops which brought her anguish. The solution to this was to make flowers out of wood! The pieces are from a beautiful and thin piece of wood that resembles floral petals and stems. Taylor sprays glycerin to give it a more natural look. Depending on the desired look, there is painting involved in some and others are left natural. The handcrafting provides a look that cannot be made by a machine. These are perfect for an event where you want to preserve the florals forever.

Among flowers, Wood Flower Barn also sells candles and several other wood supplies. Currently, you can receive a free succulent with the purchase of a candle.

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