Andy Wilson and Greg Anderson, owners of The Great Room Escape, came to GTU to talk about how their business has flourished for the past six years. The business started in 2016 in Layton and still is in their original Davis County location and was one of the first escape rooms in the entire Beehive State. Wilson and Anderson helped pave the way for this growing trend and are true pioneers. “We’ve just been rocking it ever since.” said Anderson. 

With Spooky Season here, there’s no better place to be than The Great Room Escape. The men wanted to make sure this was enjoyable for people of all ages. With several types of rooms and themes to escape from including; Mobster, Cabin, Countdown, Ghost Hotel, and The Quest, The Great Room Escape will be an enjoyable experience for you and your family and friends. “[It is] just a place for people to come have fun and share the excitement that we get out of doing it and people smiling,” said Wilson.  “That makes it all worth it for us.”

Participants have an hour to escape from the room and there are clues scattered throughout the area. The goal is to guess it and escape before the hour is up, however if it is not guessed at that time, you will be let out. Many patrons have a sense of accomplishment after being able to complete the real life puzzle. This can be a great experience for date night, family activities and school or church youth events.

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