Epic Ice Cream Cake

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Get your sweet tooth ready, a dessert food truck that will bring you all kinds of epic sweets! Andi & Kirstie of Sweet Violet Food Truck came by to show us how to make their Epic Ice Cream Cake!

Andi and Kirstie started the Sweet Violet food truck in 2020 due to job loss during COVID, saying they have always wanted a restaurant and love sugary treats, so the idea of a dessert food truck seemed like the perfect way to go!

Both Andi and Kirstie decided to share an Epic Ice Cream Cake because it’s a combo of some of our other menu items, including ice cream, donuts, and our Sugar Shakes. The team loves experimenting with flavors, colors, and trends, and their current menu items in the truck include ice cream, specialty drinks such as mermaid lemonade, and their crazy Sugar Shakes topped with donuts, cake, candy, and much more!

-2 cake layers
-3 cups of ice cream (at room temp for 15 minutes)

Filling Ingredients:
Crumbled brownies, crushed cookie bits, or chocolate chips.

Toppings Ingredients:
Whipped cream, fudge sauce, or sprinkles.

Epic Extras Ingredients:
Colored whipped cream, ice cream sandwiches, macarons, candy, donuts, or whatever you like.

-Sheet pan lined with plastic wrap
-Large spoon

Prep Directions:
1.Chill sheet pan lined with plastic wrap or wax paper in the freezer for 15 minutes.
2.Thaw ice cream at room temperature for 15 minutes.

1.Place one cake layer on the chilled tray. Spread 1.5 cups of ice cream evenly over the top with a spatula.
2.Spread a layer of crushed cookies, brownie pieces, or chocolate chips on top of ice cream.
3.Cover topping with another layer of 1.5 cups of ice cream.
4.Add a second layer of cake to the top and freeze the entire cake for 1-2 hours or until stiff to the touch.
5.Remove cake from freezer and remove cake from pan by pulling up gently on the sides of the liner.
6.Top cake with whipped cream, fudge sauce, or meringue.
7.Decorate the cake with epic toppings and serve!

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