With the intense drought that we have been seeing this year, and the weather starting to warm up, we have the perfect solution to spice up your backyard with conserving water. Meg Bentley partnered with Vera Landscaping, Rock Utah, Sod King and Hot Tub Center Ogden Utah to create three fun and environmentally friendly additions to your yard. 

The first item Bentley spoke about was an amazing coastal kids ocean playhouse. She used old materials to build this adorable and unique play space for kids. It is the perfect way to take your normal backyard into an imagination station for your child. The second DIY discussed by Bentley is a sandbox. Everyone has that patch of unused space in their yard that they don’t know what to do with, why not turn it into a sandbox? This safe and sensory activity will make a great addition to your backyard if you are struggling to find ways to entertain the kiddos. While the playhouse is an exciting addition for the kids, what about the adults? Bentley shares an awesome, made from home, tiki bar. This quick and easy item is perfect for any event and is sure to be the hot spot of any party. 

Currently, 99% of the state is in a severe drought. With the rapid growth of Utah, we have a responsibility to protect our environment to ensure the diverse beauty that Utah has to offer. 

For question about your very own projects or what you can do to help, contact Meg Bentley at eggswithmeg@gmail.com 

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