Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Need an early Halloween fright? Fear Factory’s Halfway to Halloween event is happening this weekend in Salt Lake City. Spencer Terry, General Manager of Fear Factory, is here to give us all the details on this thrilling event.

Fear Factory is one of the top Halloween attractions, earning several awards that rank them in the world’s top ten for haunted attractions. Click here to see their ranking firsthand. Fear Factory has been a fan favorite in Salt Lake City since it opened in 2011. The factory is located next to the old Portland Cement Company site, which has a long history of paranormal activity and unexplained sightings that date back to 1894. Since 2011 paranormal experts have conducted extensive tests and declared it one of the most haunted locations in Utah. 

Halfway to Halloween happens the third weekend in May and is designed to give Halloween fans of all ages and interests a sneak peek of what to expect during the upcoming Halloween season! The event began ten years ago as a fun way for fans to celebrate their passion for Halloween. 

Every year Fear Factory creates new ways to entertain and scare attendees, and this year is no different. Fans will come face to face with chilling fears they have yet to experience. This year, a storyline will take fans through 12 themed zones where they are forced to face their biggest fears in a high-intensity show that’s guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of them. Fans of all interests will walk away with a high adrenaline rush from the scares they encounter.

Don’t miss out on this rush of excitement and thrill. Halfway to Halloween will be happening this Friday, May 19th, and Saturday, May 20th, from 8:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. Click here to purchase tickets to this Halfway to Halloween event!