We all have our go to makeup routine that we use daily, but what if you could change your whole face with this one trick? We spoke to Justin Derke, local makeup artist, about the newest celebrity makeup trend that is sure to boost your beauty. This style of makeup was very prevalent at the latest Met Gala and it is a way to make your face look “snatched.” This mix of contouring and highlighting creates a lifting effect without having to get any procedures. Derke has done this look for people of all ages and thinks it just adds a refreshing look to any face.

The first step that Derke takes to create this look is to mix your moisturizer and your foundation in your hand before applying it to the skin. This creates for a lighter coverage and more natural look overall. Derke also wants to remind everyone that it is extremely important to blend your makeup base down through the neck to avoid that pesky line. The light and natural look is Derke’s favorite style, he states, “Makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty rather than covering it.” The next step is to take your highlighter, before applying any concealer, and place a light amount down from the inner corner of the eye to the bottom of the eye socket. Then you will go from that same bottom point up towards the outer corner of the eye. Using a lighter color of highlighter will make the lifting effect more prevalent. The next step is to take that same color and apply it right under the cheek bone staring from the corner of her lip. It is very important that you are blending upward to create the lifted look. You then take a bronzer and apply that to the cheek bone and again, blend upward. Derke recommends using a brush that is more tapered and angled making it easy to pull the product upward. The final step to this look is to take the bronzer and apply it to the crease of the eyelid and pull it up toward the temples of the face. After blending it out, you have a lifted look. 

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