OGDEN, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Tuning in to your energy is important at any age, but specifically for teens. Amy Winsett is a Spiritual Medium who has a special gift to sense, feel and intuitively see the struggles people are experiencing. Aside from having raised 6 teens of her own, she has also worked in the school system and has seen first hand the challenges young people face. She was joined by Jill Seraphina to share about how we can be aware of the energy affecting our teens.

Youth are challenged with an overwhelming amount of shared energies from their peers as they go to school and other social activities. This adds to an increase in anxiety and depression and especially for those who are empaths. Learning how to be aware of what is affecting them can help them feel empowered.

Discerning between what is their energy and what belongs to others can be done through meditation and visualization. Winsett and Seraphina guided the hosts through a 4 Step Visualization:

1. Find your energy center

2. Recognize what is you and what is not you

3. Visualize yourself going through the regular activities of your day. See yourself staying balanced and centered despite any challenge that may arise. 

4. Strengthen this intention by breathing in positive energy and releasing anything that does not serve you. Repeat as often as needed. 

A Youth Energy Awareness Lunch is set to take place Saturday, September 23rd from 12:30-3:00 pm at Jeremiah’s Restaurant in Ogden, Utah. Parents and Youth are invited! For more information visit: www.AmyWinsett.com and @AwakeningwithAmyWinsett