Do you have an empty nest? Don’t worry! Val Baldwin joined the show to talk about coping with the kiddos moving away. Empty Nest Syndrome, as it is called, is hard to avoid, but these coping mechanisms can help. Baldwin gives five tips to help parents with this situation. 

First, recognizing that you are not alone in this scenario. It’s okay to cry and feel the feels, but ultimately there are other parents going through this as well. This experience is normal! 

The second step is to congratulate yourself! Parenting is hard and having a child who moves away and can be independent is a huge accomplishment. Recognize your hard work! You have done your job. Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal!

Third, it’s time for a fresh start. Is there something you wish you could have done before you had kids? A hobby you’ve always wanted to try? A place you’ve always wanted to travel? Do it! Now is the time to re-discover yourself and live your life to its fullest. 

The fourth tip is to recognize your needs versus your child’s needs. Oftentimes parents have been so focused on their kids that they forget their own needs. This is a time for self healing and identifying boundaries. How often should you keep in touch? What does your child need and what do you need in this new stage of life? Communicating what each of you needs is an important step to maintaining a positive relationship.

Last, but certainly not least is creating a new marriage for your new life. The divorce rate goes up by 16% during the empty nesting stage of life. This is because so much effort has been going into raising the kiddos that parents sometimes forget to nourish their relationship. This is a new time for your marriage! Talk about what your plans can be in the future and go over chores, boundaries and goals. Go on some dates! Get romantic! Learn to create a new ballance in your life. 

Find more information on Baldwin’s website.