SALT LAKE CITY, UT – In a world full of stress it is super important that everybody gets the help they need to get through life. This is what Joe Speredon thought when he moved to Utah. He missed the group of friends he had back at his previous home. So, he started the Utah Men’s Circle, a club that gets together and does activities that range from crazy and exciting to things like meditation. He made this club to give guys a place to comfortable and to be able to be vulnerable. Its super hard for men to be vulnerable sometimes, he describes it as he was “conditioned” to hide his feelings and he wants to break that and have a place where men can heal together. A typical circle event will happen in random places, and they are different every time. They include text message check-ins to allow them to rant to their fellow circle members if needed. With all this support it all comes free at no cost.  

We were also joined by Tony Pizza and Taylor Cooper who are members of the circle. They shared their experiences. They both say how much they love the support which gives them the opportunity to be vulnerable which can be hard for men.  

You might be asking what women can learn from this club or if a man in your life need to go to a meeting. It is important that everyone recognizes the reason why men need friends and to make healthy connections with other men. If you think a man in your life needs some extra motivation and needs to get out of their comfort zone you might be right. Check out their social media and website for more information.  


Instagram: @utahmenscircle 

Facebook:  @Utah Men’s Circle