Trinity Medina & Adri Ann Cumming, high school actors in the play “The Sweet Science of Bruising” joined hour one of GTU to share a competition theater piece. The Sweet Science of Bruising has only been performed twice in the United States. The story focuses on 4 female leads, all coming from different backgrounds. 

The Sweet Science of Bruising is all about empowering women through the sport of boxing. The character, Polly grew up boxing but isn’t “allowed” to fight because she is a woman. Anna is another character who is a victim of domestic violence. Anna learns she is powerful and can fight for herself and her children in the ring.  The show will give opportunities for the audience to learn about non-profit organizations that empower women. The team is hoping to compete & share their stories on a national stage. 

The actors have been learning to box from a local boxing club and women fighters. CEO of USA Boxing, Mike McAtee found out about the high school play, sent the actors uniforms, and connected the actors with a local gym to gain boxing experience.

Boxing can help women feel strong, powerful, and confident. This mindset stays with female boxers through every obstacle in life. Boxing allows you to release all frustrations from the day, right into the punch bag.   Taylor Goldstein, member of Legends Boxing in Trolley Square joined hour one of GTU to share what the sport of boxing endeavors and teach the hosts some moves!

Legends Boxing is offering a free first workout! Find out how to sign up on their Instagram or Facebook page. The Sweet Science of Bruising will be at CottonWood Highschool April 13th- to 16th. Tickets are $7 each and can be purchased online. 

Website- Purchase Tickets Here

Cottonwood Theater Instagram- @cwoodtheatre

Legends Boxing Instagram- @legendsboxing_trolleysquare